“Smart Parents Brighter Kids” Seminar

Puan Aliza Harun (mantan AJK PIBG 2010/2011) akan menganjurkan satu seminar pendek bertajuk “Smart Parents Brighter Kids – oleh Encik Zaid Mohamad” pada hari Sabtu ini, 2 April 2011 dari 9 pagi ke 11 pagi di Dewan Serbaguna, Masjid Muadz bin Jabal, Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Yuran seminar ialah RM20 dan ia dibuka untuk semua.  Mohon talifon Puan Aliza (019-314-6881) untuk maklumat lanjut.  Untuk makluman, berikut ialah biodata Encik Zaid Mohamad.

Zaid Mohamad

Zaid Mohamad is a father of four wonderful kids. He is a senior manager of a global multinational corporation. Outside of work though, he is actively involved in his kids’ school via the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA). He is currently the PTA Chairman for SK Tropicana. One of his missions in life is to be a very involved parent. He strongly believes in the analogy that children are like the white canvas and the parents have the paint and the brush to create their masterpiece. He has read many parenting books to prepare himself as the artist. Over the years, he has also developed his own parenting strategies called the Smart Parents’ Strategies©. He himself was subjected to these strategies when growing up.

His kids are currently benefitting from these strategies – all of them are top students in their classes and are student leaders in their schools.

Zaid strongly believes that many social problems faced by the younger generations today are preventable. Human mind and soul are terrible things to waste. He wants to inculcate that great parenting – if done smartly – is still possible in today’s hurried world and challenging environment. He is praying that all parents will come together and embrace these challenges together and change the world, one kid at a time.


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