Opinion – Respect begets respect

The Star Online – Saturday October 13, 2012

PARENTS are spoilt for choice these days.

They compare schools and make notes before they eventually select one that fits their bill.

Hopefully, they understand that by enrolling their children in the school of their choice, they ought to place their trust in the educators and respect them in order to gain the latter’s respect.

Recently, there was a parent who stressed out my senior assistant by text messaging her about her child the night after discovering her kid almost fainted during the weekly assembly.

When I learnt of it from her the next day, I requested for the parent’s contact number and text messaged her to see me about her child that very day.

Little did I realise that the parents came prepared with a letter to the district education officer and at the same time demanded why they weren’t informed of their child’s plight that fateful morning.

I remembered the pupil was attended to immediately by the teacher on duty and because nothing alarming happened after that, we left it at that as we at school were so busy with the school assessment data that had to be keyed in online to PPD due to pressing deadlines.

If parents can’t appreciate the efforts we educators put in with their charges in school, I suggest they enrol them at private schools where they pay through their nose and hence have the right to lord over the staff.

Some parents just never learn that we are dealing with children of mixed abilities, hyperactive or otherwise.

I am talking about today’s children who are indeed a difficult lot to deal with not forgetting parents who choose to nitpick and complain at their whim and fancy.

Try managing a brood of restless, fidgety and disobedient brats and see if you can do it better than us instead of pointing fingers and lashing out without getting to the root of the problem.

Of course, I have come across parents who simply make you feel great that you have chosen this teaching profession.

At the end of the day, educators can’t be choosers but we do try our best and we hope that parents understand that respect begets respect when they call upon us at schools.

Surely, a little diplomacy and courtesy would go a long way for us at school.

Batu Pahat

(Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2012/10/13/focus/12166598&sec=focus)


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