Parent-teacher groups laud move

KUALA LUMPUR: Parents and teachers’ bodies have welcomed the call for public and private schools to work together and exchange ideas to uplift their respective academic and co-curricular activities.

The suggestion came from Deputy Education Minister I Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching.

“This is something we have always advocated,” said Parents Action Group for Education (PAGE) chairman Datin Noor Azimah Rahim.

“When schools start sharing their knowledge of success and teaching methods, it will bring the education system to a higher and better level.”

Noor Azimah suggested that occasional trips be made by both schools to visit each other to learn and study the methods used, adding that private schools had more interesting and creative ways to teach children.

“Their methods and tools used to teach certain subjects can be extremely fun and interesting, leading students to be eager to learn about the subjects.

“Their co-curricular activities can be emulated by public schools as well,” she said, explaining that through activities such as performing arts and music, character of students could be built.

She also suggested for parents and teacher association members to follow along during trips by teachers to develop a better understanding on the methods used and add their own feedback on the teaching methods.

National Parent-Teacher Association Collaborative Council (PIBGN) president, Associate Prof Datuk Mohamad Ali Hassan, in praising the move, suggested a twinning programme be made for both schools.

“Through student exchange and exchange of teachers programme, both can learn from each other to further improve the education system.”

He said the exchange of teachers from private schools to teach in public schools could be done during their breaks, as private schools followed a different time table.

“There should also be various platforms made to bring both schools together, so that teachers could share and discuss their learning experiences and ideas,” he said, adding that annual festivals, carnivals and forums could be organised along these lines.

“We have to be open to ideas, transparent and at the same time be able to help each other by sharing ideas to uplift the education system.”

Ali concurred with Noor Azimah’s suggestion of including members of parent-teacher associations of respective schools during the visits

(Source : New Straits Times – 3 June 2013)


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